Korozluky castle

A monument saved despite its destiny

A landmark of the municipality of Korozluky is a castle built in 1806 by Knight Václav Beníšek from Dobroslav. Since 1848, the owners of the Korozluky Castle were the Fleischman brothers from Most, who were beer brewers. The appearance of the castle has undergone certain changes. Under the influence of Neo-Renaissance architecture, the mansion was rebuilt in the style of an Italian Renaissance villa. Therefore, it is unique since there are only two such constructions in the Czech Republic. After almost thirty years, Josef Richter and his family gained the castle and the building was their property until 1945. Josef Richter had built a large garden around the castle and in it he built the chapel of St Joseph. The chapel, which has an unusual layout, was inspired by the Romanesque rotunda. In our area, it is a unique concept.

After World War II, the castle was used by a collective agricultural cooperative, state farm, vocational agricultural school and then by the district national committee. Although the castle has been listed as a monument since 1958 and was registered in the state register of cultural monuments, it fell into disrepair and eventually only the enclosure walls were left. The adjacent garden also decayed. After 1989, the castle was acquired as a substitute restitution by Miroslav Perout, who during eight years of hard work managed to resurrect the castle and garden, bringing it back to life.

Zámek Korozluky

Korozluky č. p. 54, 434 01 Most
Tel.: +420 777 599 626, +420 777 338 011

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