Ski Resorts

The current status of ski-lifts and cross-country-skiing tracks can be found on the individual ski-resorts’ website.

Klíny Sports Complex

The sports resort Klíny is situated in the beautiful countryside of the Krušné Mountains, about 20 km from the town of Most. Visitors are welcome all year round. In winter, visitors can enjoy 4 ski slopes, a snow park, a chairlift and numerous cross-country trails in the area; in summer, you can enjoy the rope park, bike park, all terrain scooters, a tennis court, children’s playgrounds and an outdoor climbing wall. There is a hotel, a restaurant and spa facilities in the resort.

20 km from the town of Most

By car – GPS 50.6284719N, 13.5660933E, by bus from Litvínov

Sport areál Klíny, s.r.o
Rašov 64, 436 01 Klíny
Telefon: +420 607 818 797

Meziboří Ski Resort

This resort offers a ski slope with a ski lift and is managed by the TJ Baník Meziboří sports club.

17 km from the town of Most

by car – GPS 50.6277428N, 13.5925186E, by public transport – bus No.23 – Meziboří stadion bus stop

TJ Baník Meziboří
circular 223
Meziboří 435 13
Jana Panochová (resort manager)
+420 607 654 806

Dlouhá Louka Cross-Country-Skiing Resort

The village of Dlouhá Louka is the starting point of many cross-country-skiing tracks. Visitors can either go along the Krušné Mountains Cross- Country Highway or choose one of the six signposted circuits. Some of them can take you around the Fláje water reservoir where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Krušné Mountains countryside. Skiers can choose from over one hundred parking spaces.

24 km from the town of Most

by car – GPS 50.6506753N, 13.6474717E, weekend sports buses from Litvínov
Krušnohorský klub, z.s.
Rooseveltova 218
417 05 Osek
+420 602 561 991

Český Jiřetín Ski Resort

The ski resort Czech Jiřetín offers 4 ski runs. Visitors can use two parking lots.

33 km from the town of Most

by car – GPS 50.7033019N, 13.5431639E, by bus from Litvínov
Český Jiřetín, 436 01 Český Jiřetín
+420 476 117 078

Bouřňák Sport Center

This resort is located between the villages Mikulov and Moldava in the Krušné Mountains. Ski slopes run from the top the Bouřňák hill to the village of Mikulov, one takes you to the village of Hrob. The surrounding area offers 59 km of cross-country-skiing trails (map can be downloaded).

34 km from the town of Most

by car 50.6858606N, 13.7082481E, by public transportation from Teplice

Sport Centrum Bouřňák, o.p.s.
Mikulov 54
419 01 Mikulov

Ski Komáří vížka

This complex is situated near the top station of the Komáří vížka chair lift (the longest cableway in Eastern Europe). You can find three ski slopes with lifts here. Komáří vížka is especially popular as a destination for cross-country skiers as it is located directly on the Krušné Mountains Cross- Country Highway.

TJ Krupka
oddíl lyžování
Husitská 191/8
417 41 Krupka 3

40 km from the town of Most

by car – GPS 50.7044547N, 13.8660697E, public transport from Teplice
Lift operator: Mr. Vlach +420 736 487 497
Ski school: Mr. Pobuda +420 606 466 939

Ski resort Pyšná

This resort is located 10 km northeast of Chomutov and offers even a children’s ski park.
There are also many trails for cross-country skiing (map of trails can be downloaded).

21 km from the town of Most

by car – GPS: 50 ° 32’53.911 “N, 13 ° 26’16.649” E

Ski resort Pyšná is run by the Ski Club Jirkov:
Lyžařský klub Jirkov z.s.
Kostelní 75, Jirkov

Ski resort Mezihoří

The resort is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers because of its easy terrain. Visitors can enjoy two slopes and two lifts. Ski resort Mezihoří is about 10 km from Chomutov.

30 km from the town of Most

by car – GPS: 50°32’10.794″N, 13°21’54.882″E, by bus from Chomutov

Mezihoří 71
430 01 Chomutov
Information line: +420 722 072 999 (only when the lifts are running)