The town of Most

The town with a story it is worth being discovered

Most is found in the northwest part of the Czech Republic between the Krušné Mountains and the Czech Central Highlands. The town and its surroundings were irreversibly changed by coal mining. The original Royal town of Most (in German Brüx) was destroyed because of the vision of the coal reserves under the town. The price of this decision was high. The majority of the cultural monuments hidden in the town have been lost forever.

Only a fraction of the monuments of the city itself, as well as from other communities with the same fate, were fortunately rescued. For example, in the centre of Most is a group of monuments commemorating the old town. The fountain with a statue of a lion, the Plague Column of St. Anna and a group of allegorical statues representing 4 elements were originally located in the centre of the old town.

The current town of Most, despite its lost cultural heritage, has a lot to offer. Reclamation turned it into a place full of greenery, wide streets and generously designed sportsgrounds. Flooding of depleted quarries created extensive water areas suitable not only for sports but also for relaxation. The town offers outstanding sports facilities. This, together with the long-standing support of sports and sportsmen of all generations, brought Most the European City of Sport 2015 award.

Thanks to the long-term development of the mining industry, the region of Most became an important place for the cognition of the mining tradition. Side by side, in an authentic environment, there are inactive mines serving as museums and vast expanses of surface mines with sophisticated technical equipment that can be seen during the “Coal Safari.”


Statutární město Most

Magistrát města Mostu – sídlo

Radniční 1/2, 434 69 Most
Tel.: +420 476 448 111
IČO: 00266094, DIČ: CZ00266094

Úřední dny a hodiny Magistrátu města Most

  • Pondělí 8:00 – 17:00
  • Úterý 8:00 – 14:00
  • Středa 8:00 – 17:00
  • Čtvrtek 8:00 – 14:00

Základní informace

  • Počet obyvatel: 63 168
  • Celková výměra: 8 694 ha
  • Nadmořská výška: 230 m n. m.
  • GPS: N 50°30′10.953″ E 13°38′27.037″