All cultural facilities

Most is not just a city of sport, but a place where you can enjoy culture to the fullest..


The KOSMOS cinema provides projections in MAXI and MIDI halls, 3D projections, as well as Sunday fairy-tales for children.

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The history of the professional theatre ensemble in Most started on September 30, 1911 when a new secession theatre building was inaugurated. The building was designed by the famous Viennese architect Alexander Graf. In the beginning, the program of the Most scene was German and mainly operas as well as operettas. After the independent Czechoslovak Republic was established, Czech ensembles started to appear in Most regularly. This practice continued until the occupation of the Czech borderlands by German troops in October 1938.

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Puppet Theatre

The professional puppet stage of the Městské divadlo Most (Most Municipal Theatre) has existed since 1988. Its performances are focused mainly on children and youth.

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