A lookout tower and fun activities for everyone..

This newly build area is situated right in the city centre in park named Šibeník. Funpark  is intended for all ages of its visitors. Meaning that it doesn’t matter if you are a kid, teenager, adult or senior – you can fully enjoy this place. You will find a 3D rope maze, a lookout tower, a playground and facilities where you can buy small snacks and tourist souvenirs here. Funpark has become a great tourist attraction not only for the citizens of Most but for tourists from a wide area as well.

Funpark – 3D maze and a lookout tower

The 3D maze contains a variety of hanging bridges across the columns and has a small places to stop by. These hanging bridges are build in about two to three floors, that is somewhat around 10 meters above the ground level. During the way around the maze you will have to go through many obstacles (more accorately 25 of them) and between each of them you will have a choise to relax in one of the 19 resting places called “houses”. The maze can be visited by visitors of all age caterories, except for kids – because of the obstacles and placement of them in heights, they need to be older than 3 years.

The lookout tower is a dominant point of this area. That much, that you can see it from afar. You need to get through the spiral stairs with 113 steps to be able to stand at it’s highest point in 26 meters. Here you will be just above the level of trees surrounding this area. From the tower you will be able to clearly see the city around you and it’s nerby locations – for example castle Hněvín, lake Most or hills Širák and Ressl. And if you are lucky enough and the weather is really nice, then you will even be able to see the Ore mountains. You are not familiar with our city and the mountains? Don’t worry. There is a photographic board installed that will inform you about what are you looking at.

A playground is also a part of this area. It has various options that guarantees fun activities for older kids or even for toddlers. This year there is a new construction going on – a restaurant with spacious terrace and public toilets for Funpark’s visitors. So your kids can have fun on their own while you are enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Or you can go and grab something small to eat together. It should be opened before the summer of 2022 begins. If you are interested to see what it will look like, then visit web sites of our local newspappers.

A small piece of history

If you are interested in a war history, especially in what had happened in our region, then look around the area of Funpark. You will find a model of war canon called “flak” here. These were supposed to shoot the aviation flying across our city. It’s exactly on the same spot where it is used to be years ago. You can watch a short video from it’s revealing day.

Fotografie: flak na Šibeníku

Funpark and bikes

The whole city is interweaved with loads of trails for bikes. So if you happen to be one of those, who enjoys riding a bike, then we have a great news for you. In Funpark you will find a safe place to store your bike. It’s called “cyklobox” and it’s free to use. There is aslo a place to store and recharge your electric bike if you need to.

Fotografie: Cyklobox ve Funparku

Safety first

For the safety of the visitors it’s really important that the rules are gonna be obeyed. There are just a few of them:

  • There can be maximum of 25 visitors in a lookout tower at the same time.
  • While in a lookout tower you shouldn’t pull yourself over the railing or try to climb it.
  • There can be maximum of 5 visitors while crossing the hanging bridge at the same time. The same rule applies to the “hauses” between them.
  • The overall capacity of the maze is 245 visitors at the same time.

Funpark in virtual reality

If you want to know how the area of Funpark looks like, then you can “walk around it” in virtual reality. You even go up the tower but we recommend you to see it for yourself when you are truly here.

Fotografie: dětská sportoviště


Park Šibeník in city centre
Tel.: +420 736 709 298

Tř. Budovatelů 112/7, 434 01 Most

Opening hours

April – June

  • Mon – Fri 14:00 – 19:00
  • Sat – Sun, public holidays 10:00 – 19:00

July – August

  • Mon – Sun, public holidays 10:00 – 19:00


  • Mon – Fri 14:00 – 19:00
  • Sat – Sun, public holidays 10:00 – 19:00


  • Mon – Fri 14:00 – 18:00
  • Sat – Sun, public holidays 10:00 – 18:00

Entry fees

  • adults, kids: 50 CZK
  • families (2+2): 120 CZK
  • groups: 30 CZK
  • lookout tower: 20 CZK


By car
By bus – station Most, Speciální škola