Czech winery “České vinařství Chrámce”

A renewed tradition of viticulture in Most. Is it kosher? Yes, it is.

The viticulture in the region of Most is documented in writing as early as the 13th century. However, it is believed that the growing of grapes started here even earlier. The tradition of wine was interrupted after the First World War. Most viticulture was restored in 1967 by Ivan Váňa and his fellow-workers at the former Most State Farm in the village of Chrámce. He utilised the grapevine as a reclamation plant. Therefore, the vineyards helped to improve the landscape of former surface coal mines. An example is the vineyard on the spoil bank of the Hrabák open-cast mine in Čepirohy near Most. The České vinařství Chrámce winery speciality is producing kosher wines, which are produced under the supervision of a rabbi.

Panoramatic photo – vineyard Rudolice

České vinařství Chrámce

Chrámce 32, 434 01 Chrámce
Tel.: +420 476 110 325, +420 603 383 846

Prodejní doba

Po – Pá: 6:30 – 15:00
Tel.: +420 476 441 315, +420 603 820 535


Obec Chrámce, na hlavní silnici č. 15 z Mostu směrem na Litoměřice

Vinárna U Divocha

Podniková prodejna
tř. Budovatelů 382, 434 01 Most
Tel.: +420 476 441 315, +420 603 820 535
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