Coal safari

An inward journey to the coal mine

Excursions into the mining localities when they are in full operation is a remarkable experience. Visitors can choose from three routes. One of them is focused on the reclamation activities in the region of Most. The other two routes enable the visitors to closely experience the open-cast mine operation (the open-cast mines of ČSA and Vršany) and to see the unique technical work and giant machines.

Meeting point

Václava Řezáče 315, Most (unless the parties have agreed otherwise)
Route 1: at 9 am (Wednesdays, Saturday), Route 2: at 9 am (Thursday), at 9:30 am (Saturday), Route 3: at 10 am (unless the parties have agreed otherwise).

Registration of visitors is via the Internet and there is a token charge for the excursions.

Excursions are for all people over 12 years old.

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